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The Rightsizing Remedy

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The Rightsizing Remedy


Mr. Hendricks, an expert in organizational restructuring, has written The Rightsizing Remedy, which was published by Business One Irwin and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Excerpted below is a review of Mr. Hendricks' book which appeared in the September 1992 edition of Choice:

Downsizing has become a fact of life for corporate America and this insightful book provides a more holistic, intuitive, and humane approach to the corporate dilemma of how to adjust the organizational work force to economic realities. Written by a well-known, respected management consultant and based on a wide range of sources (newspaper reports, periodicals, books, interviews, and personal insights), The Rightsizing Remedy offers sound, practical advice on how to build a flexible, human-centered work force capable of delivering the quality and quantity of products/services required today. Organized into six chapters plus a prologue and an epilogue, this very readable book covers how US employment relations have evolved over time, why corporations and their employees are in trouble today, what the workplace of tomorrow will look like, how employees can become empowered, what changes are needed in corporate human resource systems, and a step-by-step approach to "rightsizing " the organization of tomorrow. Must reading for those coping with organizational change. Public, professional, and academic collections, upper-division undergraduate and graduate. (T. Gutteridge).




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In corporate America's ongoing efforts to become more competitive in the global market, its work force continues to shrink. But downsizing alone will not do the job. Old assumptions must be questioned, and new approaches found. In The Rightsizing Remedy, Charles F. Hendricks describes how today's realities are shaping the future and prescribes practical steps that managers can take today. (Thomas R. Horton, Chairman, American Management Association and coauthor of Beyond The Trust Gap)

A real delight to read, Hendricks' book touches all the key bases of human resource management in the 1990's. His ideas about changing the employer-employee relationship into something closer to adult-to-adult dialogue are critical for companies that want to be both lean and humane. The Rightsizing Remedy provides a sense of direction at a time when many of the old rules about jobs, careers, and pay no longer hold - and the new ones remain untested. (Robert M. Tomasko, author of Downsizing: Reshaping the Corporation of the Future)

Mr. Hendricks' book will be a valuable resource for companies looking to ease the dilemma of downsizing, and raise many thought-provoking and stimulating questions as to how we can manage human resources in the 21st century and beyond. Michael R. Losey, SPHR, President & CEO, Society for Human Resource Management (from the Foreword to The Rightsizing Remedy)

This strikes us as a book that deserves to be published as soon as possible...the manuscript is rich, inventive, full of new words and phrases and an accurate contemporary account...In summary, this is one of the more original management books we have seen. Business One Irwin's reviewers recommending publication of The Rightsizing Remedy)