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Headquartered in Washington, DC, Hendricks & Associates, Inc. is a general management consulting firm specializing in the areas of strategy and organizational analysis, productivity improvement and cost reduction, and human resource management and compensation. Established in 1990, the Hendricks firm frequently undertakes unique assignments, introduces new management concepts, or adapts approaches proven successful elsewhere. The hallmark of each client engagement has been the quality of the work performed and the practicality of the recommendations.

Charles F. Hendricks, President, has over thirty years experience performing hundreds of consulting engagements for major corporations, international organizations, healthcare, national trade associations and professional societies, federal, state and local governments and school systems. A Wharton MBA, Mr. Hendricks is the author of the The Rightsizing Remedy, published in 1992 by Business One Irwin and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).



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Strategy reviews and program evaluations. We determine the extent to which each organization's mission has been appropriately defined and clearly communicated to staff and others outside the organization. We also examine each organization's goals and objectives for suitability and relevance to the mission.

Organizational Assessments. We advise clients on how to cost effectively organize to achieve maximum results. We also determine whether the number of people employed and their skills are adequate. We review the overall control mechanisms and management structure of organizations. In particular, we determine whether a revised reporting relationships and department organization structure will reduce administrative costs and improve the effectiveness of management's overview of operations.

Human resource management audits. We review personnel policies, organization and practices covering recruitment and selection, classification and compensation administration, performance appraisal, training and career development, demotion, discipline, discharge and retirement, personnel rule experience they possess fit the tasks performed.

Classification and compensation studies. We conduct customized compensation surveys and determining competitive salary trends among public and private employers. We also develop new job descriptions, classification structures, job evaluation systems, salary ranges and pay-for-performance plans. We advise our clients on how best to motivate personnel and evaluate their performance.

Productivity Evaluations. We analyze work processes to identify potential targets for productivity improvement and recommend how the organization's work can be streamlined to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We then design systems which can be operated on a continuing basis to measure results and identify where productivity gains are being realized.